Our Story

Flourish Accessories 


Two sisters who understood their niche market opened and operated Flourish Accessories in 2009. Together they have worked as a team to create a shopping experience. They opened a shop in Clinton Hills Brooklyn. With the immediate response from local and loyal customers, they established the brand identity and continued growing. Flourish Accessories quickly outgrew their space and needed to expand. Flourish Accessories relocated downtown Brooklyn at the Dekalb Market. With a one year lease unsure of the outcome, the city decided to build luxury apartments on what was known as their retail space. 


We continued business progress as entrepreneurs through the e-tailer online boutique, offering the latest in decor trends, home furnishing, and lifestyle product.


Our collections are handpicked and custom designed to suit a modern chic style with flexibility. It is our delight to introduce the season’s pillow covers designed by Flourish Accessories. We hope you find a style selection that speaks to your personal style. As home decor trending colors change ever so quickly. Our goal is to provide you with timeless home furnishing pieces. 


Flourish Accessories thrives on customer service. Don't hesitate to call should you have questions or need additional assistance in processing your order.